When Humanity will come to understand the Cosmic Oneness, the cosmic construction will be affirmed 

( Infinity I, 360 )

1920 - 2020 One Hundred Years of Agni Yoga

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International Agni Yoga Conference

May 21-24, 2020 – Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy


Over the last seventy years, with extraordinary speed, almost all humanity is acquiring a planetary consciousness that was virtually completely lacking previously. As human beings, we are understood to be the crew of a vessel, the planet Earth, which travels in the space. We understand that we have only two choices: to cooperate in taking care of the ship and let it remain hospitable so that the journey continues well; or to drift, destroying one another.

Planetary consciousness is a huge step forward for humanity. Although there are still many people who profess or pretend to ignore it, this step is one of the basic developments of our present civilization. Nobody can shirk it, including the people who affirm that the planet has the property of self-regulation and regeneration and that humanity is not obliged to be responsible for it.

How to overcome these resistances, negations and manipulations, which hide the real motive of personal, self interest? Will the environmental movements be sufficient? Will the alarm bell of young generations – who look at their future life on this planet – be enough? These are certainly positive forces but, if we pay attention to what comes out from the teaching of Agni Yoga, we find a further impulse as how to straighten the helm of our vessel: it is necessary that humanity acquires a cosmic consciousness. Thus it is necessary to be aware that the Universe is a Cosmic Oneness and that the Earth is like a cell of a huge organism: if we live playing our role in total harmony, we shall be able to live well with the right love for our home. On the contrary, if we  destroy ourselves and  our planet, we shall become as a cancer cell in a human being, which sooner or later will cause its own expulsion out of the evolutionary cycle, as happened long ago to the moon.

However, it is not only a matter of survival, trying to preserve as much as possible of our old habits. Cosmic consciousness carries two fundamental consequences for the future of humanity and Earth: the attainment of the spiritual unity, that is the coming of the soul kingdom and Common Good, beyond the narrow, selfish interest; and the participation in the work of cosmic building, as a working cell in a continuous building site.

Planetary consciousness is not sufficient to attain the spiritual unity of humankind and to conquer a larger house, the Cosmos, of which the Earth is only a small room. It is necessary to start to think to have a cosmic consciousness. It is most probable that, when this consciousness is reached, the Cosmos will become our home and we shall move in it with an easiness unthinkable today.

Science marches ahead with such gigantic strides that the next step will soon be realized, namely, that of collaboration with the Cosmos. Then cosmic consciousness will cease to frighten even obvious ignoramuses, and will become a normal factor (…) then will spiritual unity come into being…

Elena Roerich
Lettera del 17.1.1936.

How to reach such a goal?


We will talk about that with lovers of Agni Yoga, but also with witnesses of civil commitment who work in the spirit of this teaching.

We are working for this. We will update the information on this web page as our SPEAKERS will confirm their participation in the conference.
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The conference will be held in Città della Pieve, in the Aula della Cultura of the Community of Living Ethics.
A certain number of people can be accommodated in the receptive structures of the Community, with different modalities of treatment based on the requests.
The organization is still ongoing and more precise and detailed information will be published later; however it is possible, for any curiosity, doubt or support, to contact the Conference Secretariat at the following e-mail address:

Italian Agni Yoga Society references

voc. Palombaro degli Atti 7, Montegiove - 05010 (TR)

Community of Living Ethics references

località Pian di Mattone, 14 - Città della Pieve, 06062 (PG)

Green and wooded hills with medieval villages, vineyards and olive groves. Ancient ancestors of the Umbrian today – proud but friendly people – were the Etruscans, with their necropolis and stone streets.

This is Umbria. The Community of Living Ethics is right here, nearby the town of Città della Pieve.
The conference will take place at the Hall of Culture, a building belonging to the Community, designed and built accordingly to the laws of harmonious construction and sacred geometry. Its architectural measures and spatial relationships originate from the application of the golden section and harmonic proportions. The Hall has been thought as a “space container” that unites sky, earth and the evolving human consciousness. These are symbolically represented by the cover divided into twelve parts – as the Zodiac Constellations, by the floor of the building that reflects the sky itself and by ten arches jointed at the top into a suspended dome, the culminating point of the building.

Optional accomodation will be arranged within the Community Centers: they are farmhouses immersed in the green countryside and characterized by a synthesis of beauty and simplicity. Here you will have the occasion to experience the Community life, tuned on the values of brotherhood by sharing morning meditations, breakfasts, lunches and dinners: a simple life but rich in meaning and contacts.

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