Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga or Living Ethics is a spiritual teaching, transmitted in the first half of the 1900s through Helena Roerich, Russian philosopher and writer, and her husband Nicholas, painter, writer and scientist, whose works are exhibited in many museums in Europe, Asia and North America. The Teaching was received from 1923 to 1938, during the years that the Roerichs spent in India, mostly in the Kullu valley of the western Himalayas.

Agni Yoga arises, in chronological order, as the seventh and highest evolution of Yoga, as a Yoga of Synthesis that leads to unification with Agni (in Sanskrit = fire). In Sovramundano, the last text of the Agni Yoga series, it is written (verse 558): “Agni Yoga is multicoloured. The watchful eye can discern many shades in its flame. These conditions are influenced by the surrounding conditions … That the purple of Raja Yoga is majestic and the blue splendor of Bhakti radiant, but this does not mean that the purple blue colour of Karma Yoga will be less beautiful … Thus, in the flame of Agni Yoga, we will glimpse all the colours of the work.”

Agni Yoga gives great value to psychic energy, as the engine of life and as a tool for the full realization of the human being and for the advent of a concordant development of the whole planet.

The texts of Agni Yoga have been translated into numerous languages ​​and are widespread throughout the world. The Italian translation available today was created by Enzio Savoini, a great scholar and commentator on Agni Yoga. The complete list of publications can be found in the Agni Yoga and Roerich series in the Editrice Nuova Era catalogue (