About Us

The Italian Society of Agni Yoga (SIAY, www.agniyoga.it ) is a non-profit association, established in 1998 by a group of members of the Community of Living Ethics (www.comunitadieticavivente.org ). The aim of SIAY is to study, investigate and experiment Agni Yoga as a science that can promote New Ethics in the relationships among human beings and between them and other natural realms.

SIAY is aimed at everyone interested in knowing about Agni Yoga. This is achieved by study and research groups, training courses, conferences, publications, translations, performances and exhibitions. SIAY also supports cultural exchanges and cooperates with other Italian and foreign Societies which have similar aims.

SIAY promoted and continues to support the publishing house Editrice Nuova Era (www.editricenuovaera.org ), which in 2007 received permission to print and publish Agni Yoga books in Italian, from the Agni Yoga Society of New York, holder of the copyright of the English editions. SIAY also works in conjunction with the Italian Association Banner of Peace (www.associazionebandieradellapace.org ), whose purpose is to spread the psycho-spiritual teaching of Nikolaj and Elena Roerich in society.

SIAY has its headquarters in the hamlet of Montegiove, Montegabbione (TR), Umbria.