Infinity II – § 259

The spirit which dwells upon the sphere of the visible world is thus renouncing the manifestation of the higher spheres. When the spirit lives in a realization of the oneness of the entire Cosmos, he is then linked to the entire Cosmos. Creativeness of the spirit is sustained not from without but through the striving of the seed to the communion with the Cosmic Magnet and the Spatial Fire. The seed of the spirit knows all laws of creation; and the spirit aware of its essence seeks the link with higher spheres. The immutability of oneness impels the entire Cosmos. Verily, the consciousness reaches the most subtle energies, but the impulse which has attained striving must emanate from the seed. Thus, the key to attainments is contained in independent action.


What we see with physical eyes is only a small part of what exists. The seed, that is the spirit of the human being, carries within itself the awareness of the invariable unity of the whole, and potentially includes both the distant worlds and the invisible ones. The spirit is in communion with the Cosmic Magnet, or with the will that expresses the evolutionary plane of the Universe. The human soul – the conscience – can reach the most subtle energies, but the vital impulse comes from the spirit. Independent action is a qualification of free will: it is the person’s ability to align himself with the evolutionary plane, making his individual note resonate.