AUM – § 92

Broad is the domain of humanity; at its summit touches the Higher World in the person of heroes, of great Spiritual Toilers; at its base it produces a cosmic dust which forms the stones of the neighboring planets. Enormous is the distance between a great Spiritual Toiler already illumined by the Light of the Higher World, and the dusty dregs.

In view of the fact that a potential of basic energy has been given to each man, it is difficult to conceive how contrarily people have dealt with his great gift. The very imagination can hardly encompass such a chasm. People regard that which is unpleasant to them as difficult and that which causes them no trouble as easy; out of such conventionality open up yawning abysses. People are not accustomed to keeping the Higher World in their consciousness, yet it is not difficult to replace the feeling of emptiness with infinite life. How much more beautiful is realization of the Higher World than the casting of oneself into stony fetters!
Why begin all over again when it is possible to ascend infinitely?


There is a spontaneous hierarchy among human beings, which comes from the evolutionary scale of consciousnesses. Who has reached  the higher steps of this scale is also closer to the Higher World and can replace the feeling of emptiness with the consciousness of infinite life.