International AY Conference – 2020

Convegno Agni Yoga 2020


May 21-24, 2020

<<1920-2020: One Hundred Years of Agni Yoga>>

At present, scientists explore the Cosmos with two main targets: to verify the composition of heavenly bodies in order to utilize their components, and to find other inhabited or habitable planets. On another side, Agni Yoga affirms the need that humanity develops a cosmic consciousness, to overcome the presently limited vision and to realize one’s own cosmic origin. How to reach such a goal? First, favouring the development in civil society of people  who serve the planetary evolution.  Then, increasing the consciousness of interdependence among human beings, Earth and Cosmos.

Invited speakers will be experts in the study of Agni Yoga or witnesses of civil commitment, manifesting the spirit of this teaching. The conference will be divided in three parts: 1. The present development of Agni Yoga study groups all around the world; 2. The widening of consciousness in civil society; 3. The teaching of Agni Yoga in connection with the conscious opening to the Cosmos.

From the letter of Elena Roerich of January 17, 1936: 

In our age it is already realized that if humanity desires to evolve successfully, it must accept a certain international collaboration, although at the present stage this collaboration is manifested more powerfully in mechanical and material achievements than in spiritual unity. However, science marches ahead with such gigantic strides that the next step will soon be realized, namely, that of collaboration with the Cosmos. Then cosmic consciousness will cease to frighten even obvious ignoramuses, and will become a normal factor ; and no man, realizing his place in Cosmos, will remain in his own little coop. Only then will spiritual unity come into being.


Il Convegno si svolgerà a Città della Pieve (PG), all’Aula della Cultura, presso la Comunità di Etica Vivente. La lingua ufficiale sarà l’inglese, con traduzione simultanea in italiano.

Per informazioni e iscrizioni:
chiamare la segreteria della Comunità di Etica Vivente allo 0578-299985 il lunedì, mercoledì e giovedì dalle 19,30 alle 21,30 (tutti i giorni dal lunedì al venerdì dal 15/9 in poi), oppure scrivere a